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Autodesk Press Release

The following information was announced today, Thursday, August 20, at 1:20 p.m. PDT:

Jackie Rae
Vice President Corporate Marketing


August 20, 1992--Sausalito, CA.--Autodesk, Inc. announced today that it will divest itself of two companies that make up its Information Systems Division. The two companies are the American Information Exchange (AMIX) and Xanadu Operating Company.

``The new management team has carefully looked at what Autodesk's business model should be,'' said Carol Bartz, president, CEO and Chairman of Autodesk. ``Both AMIX and Xanadu are important companies with exciting futures, but they do not fit into Autodesk's core business. We wish them the best in their new endeavors and will work with them during a brief transition.''

AMIX operates the world's first electronic, online marketplace where customers can buy or sell digitally stored information: software components and tools, documents and scripts, market research and industry analysis, multimedia applications and the like. Additionally, AMIX provides a complete mechanism that allows customers to consult with each other online.

Xanadu is a hypermedia information server. With an array of information management tools that includes links, version management, detectors, endorsements, and access control, Xanadu makes the ideal underpinning upon which to build collaborative and groupware applications.

Autodesk, Inc. develops, markets and supports a family of computer-aided design, engineering, multimedia, and scientific software products for desktop computers and workstations. Autodesk shares are traded on NASDAQ under the symbol of ACAD(TM).

Editor: John Walker