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AMIX Press Release

The following information was announced today, Thursday, August 20, at 1:20 p.m. PDT:


Jamie Dinkelacker


August 20, 1992--Mountain View, CA.--The American Information Exchange (AMIX) announced today has spun off from Autodesk, Inc., and formally establish itself as an independent company.

  ``Autodesk has been a mentor to AMIX for the last four years,'' said Dana Timbrook, president of AMIX. ``Not only have they committed significant resources to the company, but they also provided pivotal guidance and feedback as we developed our online information service and studied the market. Now, with the opening of our first marketplace to the public, we feel we are ready to stand on our own.

``A number of strategic companies and individuals are interested in investing in AMIX and our next challenge is to close a new round of funding and continue our market development activities,'' Timbrook added. ``We see the company's future as very bright and are excited to be moving into another growth phase.

  ``The new Autodesk management team is focusing very carefully on what the company's business model should be over the next decade,'' said Carol Bartz, president, CEO and Chairman of Autodesk. ``AMIX simply doesn't fit into our fundamental business and this is the basis for our decision to step away.

However, AMIX is a groundbreaking company with much to offer the marketplace. We wish them well as they move into the next phase of their corporate development.''

AMIX operates the world's first electronic, online marketplace, where customers can buy or sell digitally stored information: software components and tools, documents and scripts, market research and industry analysis, multimedia applications and the like. Additionally, AMIX provides a complete mechanism that allows customers to conduct consulting with each other online. AMIX handles all accounting and billing functions and has binding arbitration to resolve any possible disputes.

AMIX, now as an independent, private company, recently opened for business with the public and will focus its initial marketing efforts on the software tools and developer communities before expanding into other information marketplaces. AMIX has received interest from the public, tradeshow attendees and the investment community.

AMIX is located at 1881 Landings Drive in Mountain View, CA., and inquiries should be directed to 415-903-1000.

Autodesk Inc. develops, markets and supports a family of computer-aided design engineering, multimedia, and scientific software products for desktop computers and workstations. Autodesk shares are traded on NASDAQ under the symbol of ACAD(TM).

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