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Dan Drake is now the interim sub-project manager for AutoCAD-86 (until somebody complains about the cooking[Footnote]). A large part of the job consists of talking to the outside world. Technical people on the project (meaning Greg Lutz at the moment) have unlisted phone numbers as far as the outside world is concerned, and should be called as little as possible by our own people.

AutoCAD-86 release 1.1 went out around January 15 after a struggle with the document. There is a demo version, which is a full program except that it can't write any output on disk; it will also be fixed so that it can't plot from within the drawing editor. We solicit any suggestions for how people could get around the limitations to get useful work out of the demo version!

The next release is scheduled for March 10, with the full features of AutoCAD-80, plus the Epson screen dump on the Victor version. IBM Touchpen support, which is in the current version as an undocumented feature, will be officially supported in this release if we get a working Touchpen for IBM by March 1.

Editor: John Walker