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An evaluation version of AutoCAD-80 (and AutoCAD-86 on the IBM) is now running on the Vectrix, a beautiful $5,000 670x480 display with 511 colors selected out of a menu of 16,000,000. The version for the Aurora is released, and actually sold more copies than the Microangelo version in January.

The program now fills memory pretty thoroughly,[Footnote] and the main development project is to compact it a little more. It is also being fixed to run on multi-user Turbodos systems.

There was some discussion of whether we should fix on PL/I (now that the 8086 version is coming out) or on C as a single language for AutoCAD. C, however, is impossible for AutoCAD-80, while PL/I has much less future than C on the new machines, particularly the 68000. This leaves us stuck with two versions forever.[Footnote]

Editor: John Walker