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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Christine Peterson Visits Fourmilab

Between speaking engagements in Moscow and outside Z├╝rich, Christine Peterson, founder of the Foresight Institute and go-to person on Christine Peterson visits Fourmilab nanotechnology and social policy consequent to that emerging technology, popped by Fourmilab for a visit and chat about where we are, and how folks should position themselves, individually and together, to ride out the impending singularity .

In this picture, Christine draws attention to the “Fourmilab welcome mat”, which more morose folk translate as our “danger of death” sign—this is the traditional picture for visitors to Fourmilab, and entirely unjustified by the risks posed by our Large Neutrino Collider or other, soul-shiveringly hazardous entirely benign initiatives, none of which involve nanotechnology (so far)—just kidding—heh.

Posted at July 6, 2006 00:59