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Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Serial Feature: Lignières: Then and Now

Comparing images, some taken more than a century ago, of Fourmilab's home in Switzerland with contemporary photos from the same viewpoints provides a transtemporal perspective on the evolution of a rural village in Western Switzerland. You can start with the introduction to the project, embark upon a walking tour of the village, or pick a viewpoint from the graphical index based on a map of the village. Those interested in undertaking such a project themselves may wish to read the tips on the craft of “then and now” photography gleaned during the production of these pages.

This project was launched today as a new Fourmilab serial feature, in conjunction with the publication on December 14th of the Lignières history book for which these historical images were collected. A new “then and now” image will be posted every Friday until all are available on-line. Bookmark this week's image to view new images as they are released.

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