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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monkeying with the Mainstream Media

Legacy “mainstream” media outlets engage in numerous forms of bias to advance their assorted agendas. One of the most subtle is the selective use of “trigger words” which, due to indoctrination and repetition, evoke an emotional response in the audience which short-cuts rational judgement. Users of the Firefox browser can install these two user scripts (which require the Greasemonkey cross-platform add-on) to highlight trigger words in documents they read on the Web, and automatically translate politically correct and slanted bafflegab to plain talk.

Update: I've just posted a new version which restricts the transformations of both scripts to documents with MIME types of HTML and XHTML. The original version would apply the transformations to other document types, for example text/plain, which could corrupt program source code or other text not intended to be read by humans. To update, simply revisit the script home page and click the installation links for the script(s). (2008-02-18 23:36 UTC)

Posted at February 17, 2008 00:22