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Nuclear Ninety North

Eclipse of the Midnight Sun

August 1st, 2008

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Sister Ships

Eclipse 2008 gallery image S012.jpg

2008-07-20 18:31 UTC Click images for enlargements.

As we left the dock, we had a fine view of three other Arktika class nuclear powered icebreakers. To the right is the Советский Союз (Sovetskiy Soyuz), behind it are the Yamal to the left (check out the teeth on the bow!) and the Rossiya to the right.

Eclipse 2008 gallery image S013.jpg

2008-07-20 18:44 UTC

The tugboats cast off the two lines, and we're underway with nuclear power! As we head up the channel toward the Barents Sea, we pass the nuclear powered ice-capable transport Sevmorput, which delivers cargo along the Northeast Passage and can traverse ice up to one metre thick without icebreaker support.

by John Walker
August 20th, 2008
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