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Nuclear Ninety North

Eclipse of the Midnight Sun

August 1st, 2008

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Toward the Barents Sea

Eclipse 2008 gallery image S014.jpg

2008-07-20 18:57 UTC Click images for enlargements.

Looking back toward Murmansk, as we continue up the channel, over the helicopter deck. The helicopter is an Mi-8.

Eclipse 2008 gallery image S015.jpg

2008-07-20 19:30 UTC 69°27.13'N 33°18.42'E

Further up the channel is the Severomorsk Russian naval base, administrative headquarters of the Russian Northern Fleet, with the customary agglomeration of massive Soviet apartment blocks.

Eclipse 2008 gallery image S016.jpg

2008-07-20 20:10 UTC

Open sea visible at last!

Eclipse 2008 gallery image S017.jpg

2008-07-20 20:53 UTC

As we pass into the Barents Sea, this is the last land we'll see before arriving at Franz Josef Land.

by John Walker
August 20th, 2008
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