Aku-Aku Eclipse

Easter Island

July 11th, 2010

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Ahu Tahai

Eclipse 2010 gallery image L055.jpg

2010-07-09 00:17 UTC Click images for reduced size.

This site, located on the edge of Hanga Roa and visible from the Anthropological Museum, is usually referred to as “Ahu Tahai”, but is actually home to three separate moai platforms. On the north side is Ahu Ko Te Riku, a platform with this single moai, which not only sports a topknot, but eyes believed similar to those used to decorate other moai. (The eyes were believed made of sea shells or coral with obsidian for the pupils.) The topknot on this moai is actually from a different moai—this moai's topknot is now in the Hanga Roa cemetery, serving as a base for the central cross.

Eclipse 2010 gallery image L056.jpg

2010-07-10 18:50 UTC

In the middle of the area is another platform with a single moai called Ahu Tahai, a name which confusingly is also used for the complex of three platforms.

Eclipse 2010 gallery image L057.jpg

2010-07-10 18:51 UTC

Eclipse 2010 gallery image L058.jpg

2010-07-10 18:51 UTC

On the southern edge of the complex is the larger Ahu Vai Uri, with five moai of assorted shapes and sizes. I'm sorry for the quality of some of these pictures—it was raining on the only occasion we were able to visit the site and it was impossible to avoid some raindrops on the camera lens.

Eclipse 2010 gallery image L059.jpg

2010-07-10 18:57 UTC

Eclipse 2010 gallery image L060.jpg

2010-07-10 18:58 UTC

Eclipse 2010 gallery image L061.jpg

2010-07-10 18:59 UTC

Eclipse 2010 gallery image L062.jpg

2010-07-08 16:18 UTC

This view of Ahu Ko Te Riku was taken from the Anthropological Museum in nicer weather.

Eclipse 2010 gallery image L063.jpg

2010-07-10 19:03 UTC

They say the eclipse is tomorrow. I'm a dog—I don't do tomorrow. I'm wet. I hope it isn't wet for this eclipse they're all talking about. And so wish we all!

by John Walker
July 20th, 2010
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