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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: Powered by Gravity—Britain's Last Aerial Ropeway

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: Those Clever Bacteria—First CRISPR, Now Borgs

Here is the full paper, “Borgs are giant extrachromosomal elements with the potential to augment methane oxidation” [PDF].

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CONTINUITY: Hewlett-Packard 7575A Pen Plotter and HP-GL from the Command Line

I always loved pen plotters, especially the sound effects they made when intent on intricate work such as text and cross-hatching. Here is a demonstration of a classic introduced in 1983, which was widely used in the formative days of AutoCAD. Sean O'Donnell's classic AutoCAD sample drawing, Columbia, features prominently. (That image pops up in the strangest places.)

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CONTEXT: Eric Berger: Untold Stories of SpaceX

Eric Berger's superb book, Liftoff, recounts the early, hard-scrabble days of SpaceX and how that experience formed the people and company of today. In this hour long interview, he discussed his insights from extensive access to SpaceX old timers.

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