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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: Daniel Ellsberg: Nuclear Risks—Doomsday Hiding in Plain Sight

This is an extended (two hours and forty minutes!) discussion of the issues discussed in Dr Ellsberg's 2018 book, The Doomsday Machine.

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CONTINUITY: Easter Island: Collapse or Resilience?

Fourmilab's 2010 Easter Island expedition.

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CONTEXT: SpaceX: What to Expect from a Super Heavy Static Fire Test

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: SpaceX: The Starship's New Thrusters

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CONTINUITY: The 2020 Lunar Olympics

From the 1979 Children's Britannica book, Future Cities.

People always talk about how sports records such as the high jump and shot put would be broken on worlds with lower gravity, but how would other records fare? Running, for example, might be slower because of the limited time the foot was able to deliver impulse to the body before leaving the ground.

Once, again, Alan Shepard was first.

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