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Sunday, September 12, 2021

CONTEXT: Revealed! “Algorithmic Abstraction and the Racial Neoliberal Rhetorics of 23andMe”

Here is the article, “Algorithmic Abstraction and the Racial Neoliberal Rhetorics of 23andMe”, published in the journal Rhetoric Review, vol. 40, no. 3, September 2021. The link, of course, only gives the abstract, which is as follows.

Western mathematics functions as a technology of violence when it enlists computational algorithms to underwrite racial neoliberalism. Theorizing algorithmic abstraction as a racial neoliberal technique, this article dramatizes the concept’s methodological affordances through a case study of 23andMe, which deploys algorithmic abstraction to affectively secure and sell Whiteness.

If you want to read the full text (and why wouldn't you, since who knows more about algorithmic abstraction and genetic sequencing and analysis than three English professors?), it'll cost you US$45 to download a PDF, or (bargain!), just US$159 for the whole journal issue.

Actually, I wonder if the postmodern title of the article is how you say, “I'll bet these DNA testing outfits eventually end up ratting out their customers' genomes to the Man” in Woke.

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CONTINUITY: Jet-Powered Parasitic Fighter: McDonnell XF-85 Goblin

Here is more about the XF-85 Goblin. The task of re-attaching to a trapeze lowered by a bomber in the turbulent environment of its slipstream proved too demanding for even the very best test pilots. By the time the difficulty became apparent, progress in in-flight refuelling had rendered the concept of parasitic aircraft carried by larger planes obsolete.

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: IBM Patent Application for “Telum” Mainframe CPU Cache

The unusual “cache virtual memory” architecture of the next generation “Telum” processors for IBM's Z-Series mainframes was discussed here on 2021-09-03. IBM have filed a U.S. patent application, US 2021/0026783 A1 [PDF], on 2021-01-28 which describes the “black magic” behind how it maintains consistency and low latency with multiple levels of processors sharing cache and “borrowing” storage from one another.

Are my eyes deceiving me, or is the text in Figures 7, 11, and 12 actually Comic Sans?

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: Weekly Space Report: Starship Thermal Protection, Super Heavy Booster Thrust, and Inspiration4 Launch

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