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Monday, September 13, 2021

THE HAPPENING WORLD: SpaceX Starlink Group 2-1 Launch

Launch is scheduled for 03:55 UTC on 2021-09-14 (note that this is in the evening of the 13th in Western Hemisphere time zones) from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. These Starlink satellites are equipped with laser inter-satellite links, which reduces the need for ground stations in remote areas. If successful, this will be the 100th consecutive Falcon 9 mission, the 125th Falcon 9 launch, and the 70th re-flight of a first stage booster. Both the first stage and both of the fairing halves have previously flown.

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: Astrophysical Journal Publishes “If Loud Aliens Explain Human Earliness, Quiet Aliens Are Also Rare”

Read the full paper on ArXiV.

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: From Egg to Monarch Butterfly

Here is the pupation process in real time,

And this is emergence of the mature butterfly from the pupa.

At the end of this process, the wings are soft and will take a couple of hours to harden before taking flight.

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CONTINUITY: “SX-70” by Charles and Ray Eames

In 1972, instant photography reached an apogee with the Polaroid SX-70, a camera which was simultaneously foldable, single-lens reflex, automatic exposure, and instant, with the pictures developing outside the camera in broad daylight and requiring no messy coating or throw-away parts. Film was sold in cartridges of ten pictures, each of which included a disposable battery that powered the electronics and motorised machinery of the camera. Focus was manual on the original model; later models added ultrasonic sonar automatic focusing.

This film was produced for Polaroid by the Eames Office and shown at the shareholders' meeting when the camera was introduced and later used by the sales organisation.

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: What Really Happened to the Arecibo Telescope?

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