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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gizmos: Fourmilog iPhone Edition Available for Testing

Bleeding-edge trendy early adopters are invited to try the new iPhone edition of Fourmilog. This rendering shows the five most recent postings on this sporadically updated chronicle in primate-phalanx-friendly mode, horizontally scrolling to an already-rendered page containing the text and images of the article.

This design is based upon the CSS style developed by Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks and the jQuery JavaScript library. The site design is derived from that used by the iPhone edition of Power Line, although I've made many changes in developing my own Movable Type template for the site.

This edition is still in a state of flux (I'm still trying to sort out issues with the dodgy horizontal scrolling in the iPhone version of Safari, among other mysteries), so I haven't yet linked it to the main Fourmilog page. Comments are welcome—that's what the feedback button is for!

Although this edition is optimised for the iPhone, it is 100% compliant with the XHTML and CSS standards and renders correctly in competently-implemented, standards-compliant browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and even Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

I will doubtlessly be tweaking this over the next few days. Your comments are welcome, especially if they're based on accessing the site from an actual iPhone. The original iPhone was never sold in Switzerland, so I have tested this site only on an iPhone 3G; if there are compatibility problems with earlier hardware, I'm limited in resolving them by not being able to test on the actual device.

Update: There having been no reports of problems with the iPhone edition in the last 24 hours, I've gone ahead and added an “iPhone Ready” button to the sidebar of the desktop edition which links to the iPhone edition URL. (2008-11-10 22:11 UTC)

Posted at November 9, 2008 23:39