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Sunday, October 10, 2021

CONTINUITY: How Photolithography Works—Part 4: Imaging Process

How do you make an image whose feature sizes are smaller than the wavelength of light you're using? It might seem like black magic, but it's really a matter of light magic, involving a bag of dirty tricks called “Optical Proximity Correction” (OPC), which take into account the wave properties of light and construct masks which often look nothing like the image they create, but create interference patterns which form the desired features. “Think of your semiconductor wafer as a 160 gigapixel camera image sensor.”

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: French Cuisine in Space

European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet describes food on the International Space Station, including the “crew preference food” he brought to supplement the basic fare provided by NASA. The audio is in French, with English subtitles. (If the subtitles are not automatically enabled, click the “CC” box at the bottom to turn them on.)

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CONTEXT: Edward Snowden on “Central Bank Digital Currencies”

Central Bank Digital Currencies or, as I like to call them, “slave money”, are a hot topic among globalists and other would-be slavers. Just imagine how wonderful it will be when your government can confiscate your cash remotely with the click of a mouse, control the things on which you can spend it, or keep you from spending it entirely if you have done something of which they disapprove. I have been warning about this ever since my “Unicard: Ubiquitous Computation, Global Connectivity, and the End of Privacy” paper in 1994, which was considered dystopian science fiction at the time.

In a few years, countries that aspire to economically enslave their populations won't even have to develop their own systems for doing so—they'll be able to buy it off the shelf as a turnkey system from China, integrated with the “social credit” system.

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: Weekly Space Report: Starbase Developments, 33 Raptor Super Duper Heavy, Amazing 3D Raptor Model, Ingenuity Grounded

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